Why were Lister's ideas opposed?

Rowan Pritchard
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Mind Map on Why were Lister's ideas opposed?, created by Rowan Pritchard on 02/07/2014.

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Rowan Pritchard
Created by Rowan Pritchard over 5 years ago
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Why were Lister's ideas opposed?
1 Felt criticised when Lister told them they were wrong
1.1 Surgeons were used to death
2 Carbolic Acid sprayed EVERYWHERE
3 Speed
3.1 Slowed down whole operation
4 Lister was not a showman like Pasteur
4.1 Did not give impressive Public displays
5 Surgeons argued antiseptics actually prevented the body's own defense mechanisms from working properly
6 Some surgeons did not achieve the same results
6.1 less systematic

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