The Thermite Reaction

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The Thermite Reaction
1 What is it?
1.1 This highly exothermic reaction occurs between iron (III) and aluminium.
1.1.1 This produces molten iron.
2 Why does it happen?
2.1 The reaction occurs because aluminium is a more reactive metal than iron.
2.1.1 Aluminium steals the oxygen from iron oxide leaving iron and aluminium oxide.
2.2 This is a competition reaction.
3 How does it happen?
3.1 The heat from the magnesium ribbon (once lighted) starts the reaction, and once underway, it can reach temperatures of up to 2000°C.
4 Any Similar Reactions?
4.1 To vary the reaction, you could use a number of metal oxides. The important thing to remember is that the metal must be more reactive than the metal oxide.
5 Who reacts?
5.1 iron (III) oxide + aluminium → aluminium oxide + iron