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Simple Present and present continuos

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  1. Present simple
    1. I
      1. You
        1. He-she-it
          1. Verb+s
            1. We
              1. They
                1. Examples
                  1. Mary plays soccer
                    1. Juan Speaks chinese
                      1. I love my house
                        1. They have exam
                          1. We play baseball in the stadium
                            1. except verbs finished in:
                              1. o-ch-sh-ss-x
                                1. Examples:
                                  1. Mary Kisses her mother
                                    1. He watches tv
                                      1. Lina goes to her apartment
      2. Present continuous
        1. Verb + ing
          1. Examples:
            1. She is singing her favorite song
              1. We are playing soccer in the street
                1. They are runing the San Silvestre marathon
                  1. He is eating hotdogs
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