Types of Energy & the Law of Conservation of Energy

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Here is a mind map about types of energy and the law of conservation of energy. There are many information about it.

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Types of Energy & the Law of Conservation of Energy
  1. Types of energy
    1. Kinetic Energy is energy that is in motion. Moving water and wind are good examples of kinetic energy.
      1. Potential Energy is stored energy. Examples of potential energy are oil sitting in a barrel, or water in a lake in the mountains
        1. Mechanical Energy is the energy of motion that does the work. An example of mechanical energy is the wind as it turns a windmill.
          1. Electrical Energy is when electricity creates motion, light or heat. An example of electrical energy is the electric coils on your stove.
          2. Many forms to obtain energy
            1. Hydroelectric energy. This form uses the gravitational potential of elevated water that was lifted from the oceans by sunlight. It is not strictly speaking renewable since all reservoirs eventually fill up and require very expensive excavation
              1. Solar. This form of energy relies on the nuclear fusion power from the core of the Sun. This energy can be collected and converted in a few different ways.
                1. Wind Power. The movement of the atmosphere is driven by differences of temperature at the Earth's surface due to varying temperatures of the Earth's surface when lit by sunlight.
                2. Law of Conservation of Energy
                  1. This law dictates that energy always remains unchanged, but it can be transformed in another type of energy
                    1. It says that energy can not be created or destroyed
                      1. It is a consequence of the dynamic evolution of systems is governed by the same characteristics in every moment
                        1. Although energy is not lost, it degrades
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