Blended and mixed fibres

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Blended and mixed fibres
1 What is a blended fibre?
1.1 A combination of two or more fibres spun together.
1.1.1 Most common example is cotton polyester blend Cotton is cool, soft, strong and comfortable Polyester is hard wearing, lightweight, poor absorber and elastic By combining these two into one fabric it gives the comfort and cool feel of cotton but there is the hard-wearing, quick-drying and crease-resisting properties due to polyester.
1.2 Many regenerated fibres are blended with synthetic fibres as they can be manufactured to an exact specification or a particular purpose.
2 What is a mixed fibre?
2.1 A mixed fibre is where one type of yarn is mixed with at least one other in the fabric production.
2.1.1 A common example is the mix of cottons yarns with lycra yarns. Gives extra strength and comfort to things such as denim jeans, fitted shirts and swimwear.
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