history Rip Van Winkle

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¿de que se trata Rip Van Winkle?

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history Rip Van Winkle
1 a simple man who did not like to do their job but if the others.
1.1 he used to climb wing mountain with his gun and his dog.
1.2 I went to the inn with his dog wolf because he did not like being with her wife
1.3 when he came up he could see the hudson river and start remember history Why is it called that.
1.3.1 there he saw an old man with a beard long and Dutch clothes and about him.
1.3.2 where there are more they come dressed as the old and realizes that there Rudio comes the thunder they depronto play bowling and put it to serve barrel. Rip decides to take and take the barrel suddenly falls into a deep sleep waking saw that there had the gun and said it was the elders, I call wolf and did not appear. the I started to keep looking the wolf when I get to the people saw people very was surprised and wonder I brought her hands to her face he also took the hands to her face and saw that He had a very long beard in the village were choosing who was going to rule but Rip did not and why question. then realizes that two of its friends have died and one is a candidate As he realizes that he was tanbien alla but young then passes a woman with a child in his arms, and after a questions tells him that he is the father of boy. but they did not believe him until he was an old woman and said it was true so to have more security on this they go where the oldest lord people and said that if it appears henry hudson and they wake up after drinking 20 years after. and Rip Van Winkle happy ending with his wife and having friends younger
2 characters
2.1 main character
2.1.1 Rip Van Winkle secondary character Old henry hudson tertiary characters Rip wife his friends the dog "wolf" the oldest town henry's friends hudson
3 stage
3.1 the inn
3.2 hudson river
3.3 the village
3.4 catskill mountain
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