GCSE revision (Sustainability)

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Sustainability requirements for AQA GCSE Product Design and Resistant Materials

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GCSE revision (Sustainability)
1 Sustainability
1.1 Sustainability refers to how biological systems endure and remain diverse and productive.
1.1.1 Managed plantations Control deforestation Forestry Stewardships Council
2 Enviromental issues
2.1 Environmental issues are harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment.
2.1.1 Life cycle assessment Life disposal after life Use of energy Stages From raw materials to disposal Impact Landfills Polution Land Water Built in obsolecance
3 Renewable and non-renewable
3.1 Renewable
3.1.1 A source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as water, wind, or solar power. Solar panels Hydro-electric Wind turbines Geothermal Wave and tidal
3.2 Non-renewable
3.2.1 A non-renewable resource is a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human timeframes. Oil Gas Coal Fossil fuels Finite resourses Minerals Metals Ores Nuclear fuels In some cases ground water
4 6R's
4.1 Reduce
4.1.1 Is it possible to reduce the amount of materials used?
4.2 Rethink
4.2.1 Is there a better way to solve this problem that is less damaging to the environment?
4.3 Refuse
4.3.1 Is the packaging really needed?


  • Do you need to upgrade your phone even if working properly?
4.4 Recycle
4.4.1 Is the product made from materials that are easy to recycle? Material seperation
4.4.2 Could recycled materials be used?
4.5 Reuse
4.5.1 Could item be passed on, thereby extending it's useful life? Given to charity
4.6 Repair
4.6.1 Could product be repaired/fixed if faulty?
5 Social
5.1 Products can have Human and Environmental costs
5.1.1 Off-setting
5.1.2 Bio degradable
5.1.3 Carbon footprint
5.1.4 Human Religious groups Cultural groups Social groups Working conditions Unsafe buildings Avoid child labour old/unsafe machinery
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