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      1. ICHABOD CRANE :This character plays the role of teacher in school near sleepy hollow. However this character also teaches lessons of singing to collect a little more than money. A man a little ugly, with long arms, long legs, large feet, had a small head with large ears and a long nose.
        1. KATRINA VAN TASSEL: A girl of eighteen years of age, was a beautiful woman, daughter of the farmer more wealthy
            1. BALTUS VAN TASSEL: He was a wealthy farmer; he was the owner of a large House, rich fields and beautiful animals
                1. VAN RIPPER:Van ripper was a great rider and loved riding as fast that could and had a special horse who loved,
                  1. GUNPOWDER :This character is the horse of van ripper, a little old. Gunpowder only had one eye, and accompanied to Ichabod in the meeting. It was a very fast horse and dangerous, but as already had the years past, was more quiet
                      1. BROWER:this character known once rider without the headless horseman the launches to the water near the bridge of the church
                        1. HEADLESS HORSEMAN: A soldier whose head had been shot in a battle in sleepy hollow. His body was buried on the outskirts of the Church, in the cemetery. With this character, they invented the story of a ghost in the Valley of sleepy hollow
                1. BROM: A very big man and strong, he was a very good rider and knew a lot about horses. It was one of the men who wanted to marry with Katrina. Brom wanted to fight for the love of the beautiful Katrina and beat Ichabod. This character always try to ridicule Ichabod until finally achieves his goal to marry Katrina
              2. SETTING
                1. The story is developed about the year 1800 in a valley called sleepy hollow, located in a village called Greensburg near the Hudson River. This valley is one of the quietest places in the world. a small river crosses with a soft sound that could send one to sleep. Sleepy hollow is a school, a church, a cemetery and the houses of the farmers for example:
                  1. VAN TASSEL´S HOUSE
                    1. The van tassel´s house was a huge house with rich fields fine animals and good food
                2. PLOT
                  1. The legend of sleepy hollow is a story which has as Ichabod crane, a very intelligent man, are falls in love with the beautiful Katrina. Taking into account that there is another man named Brom, that wants to win the heart of the beautiful girl. By this rivalry, Brom plans to an idea to ridicule to Ichabod, recalling the legend of the rider without head to play him a joke to Ichabod aiming to marry Katrina
                    1. CONFLICT
                      1. The conflict of the story begins when ichabod is invited to a meal at van tassel's house Where his rival, was Brom. Brom knows that Ichabod is afraid of the ghost stories, and tells a story about the Headless Horseman. later when Ichabod leaves on his horse a bit scared by stories, Brom pursues him in order to frighten it and set aside of the beautiful Katrina.
                      2. RESOLUTION
                        1. the end of history, occurs when after the great shock of ichabod pursued by "the Headless Horseman" Decides to go to new york and leave sleepy hollow ichabod was afraid of the scolding of van ripper for having broken the saddle, was disappointment, knowing that katrina not be did with, and I was afraid to see the Headless Horseman then in new ypork it became a member of Congress, while in sleepy hollow, brom and katrina were married. and no one in the Valley entire joke from brom to ichabod crane
                        2. INITIAL SITUATION
                          1. The story begins recounting as it is the Valley of sleepy hollow, telling that everyone believed that there was a ghost of a man without a head. And then start counting the adventure of Ichabod crane.
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