the legend of sleepy hollow

Manuela Rivera
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mapa mental de la historia sleepy hollow

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the legend of sleepy hollow
1 charactes:
1.1 ichaboad crane
1.1.1 katrina van tassel brom mr.van tassel van ripper soldier
2 places
2.1 greensburgh
2.1.1 sleepy hollow school churchyard church house van tassel
3 character traits
3.1 ichabod:
3.1.1 he had long arms,long legs ,big feet,head small,big ears.and a long nose. man intellectual,and very smart katrina : she had young,pretty,tall,of good family and very smart
4 resume
4.1 this history is based on a men who arrives in a very quiet village where people believe in legends ghosts.
4.1.1 this men comes to enrage at a school and meets a beautiful girl he falls in love. after while you realize that you have a rival ,katrina is decided by brom and not ichabod ,this wanting to solve the mistery of this village tells the father of katrina lend him a special horse that he had ,it was black and was missing an eye ,but hurt the saddle decides to flee to the new york where he studied another race and go to work at a congress.
5 the end that would give the story
5.1 the end to my serious so that ichabod had not fled but it would have the face and accountable for their actions
5.1.1 and fight for the love of katrina had finished together .
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