The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
  1. Characters
    1. Ichabod crane Katrina van tessel Baltus van tessel Van Ripper Brom Brom van brunt
    2. Argument
      1. The story unfolds around ichabood crane a young voice teacher who falls for a young ichabood was not a handsome man but was very ugly ironic something an old legend of the Headless Horseman cabea gives direction to history and fear of ichabood by the appearance of these same katrina loved the young master and suscesos that develop in history
      2. Places
        1. Year 1800 Greensburgh New york church
        2. Main character
          1. Ichabood crane is the main person in this story which unfortunately is not very handsome and wealthy singing teacher and faithful love with katrina van fearful tessel of horror stories and a traveler in search of food ichabood remembered the places where food it was good in the evening spent the night in a different place in search of daily food
          2. The soldier
            1. The soldier known more as the rider without head wanders looking for his head which was never buried with her body , this is one of the decisive factors in the life of ichabood despite being an invention
            2. Opinion
              1. A personal way rather than a horror story I consider something funny a story to pass the time
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