League of Nations.


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League of Nations.
  1. Aims.
    1. World Peace.
      1. Encouraged countries to co-operate.
        1. Disarmament.
        2. Weaknesses.
          1. Had no army.
            1. Lack of troops
            2. USA and other important countries didn't join.
              1. Council only met four times a year.
                1. Members only met once a year.
                2. Britain and France dominated the league.
                  1. Made unanimous decisions.
                    1. Idealists (Woodrow Wilson)
                    2. Wasn't the league of all nations.
                      1. Some countries found ways around sanctions.
                        1. Self-interest members.
                          1. Economic sanction didn't work.
                            1. Treaties it upheld wasn't fair.
                              1. Decisions were slow.
                              2. Failures.
                                1. Manchuria Crisis. (1931-33)
                                  1. Abyssinia Crisis. (1935-36)
                                    1. Hitler breaking the L.O.N
                                      1. Oversee disparagement - One main aim.
                                      2. Set up in 1919.
                                        1. Suceses.
                                          1. Helped bring home 1/2 million prisoners at war.
                                            1. Helped cure diseases such as Malaria.
                                              1. Investigated illegal drugs.
                                                1. Helped to arrest slave traders and drug dealers.
                                                  1. Helped to solve some disputes between some countries.
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