Marriage and the Family

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Marriage and the Family
1 Cohabitation
1.1 Yes
1.1.1 Living together is an excellent way to see if you are compatible
1.1.2 Marriage is merely a piece of paper ; there is no guarantee of happiness
1.1.3 In cohabitation if you wanted to break up practically it would be easier
1.1.4 People who have been hurt in marriage may not want to marry again
1.1.5 Marriage might kill the excitement of the relationship
1.2 No
1.2.1 Marriage is much deeper than living with someone
1.2.2 There is something special about making your vows publicly
1.2.3 People cohabit because they are too scared to commit
1.2.4 Legally the couple are better off to get married as they have more rights
1.2.5 When a couple is married they are more likely to make the marriage work

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