Is there gender equality in Singapore?


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There is gender equality in Singapore. Do you agree?
  1. Yes
    1. R: Equal opportunities


      • GROUP B
      1. E: Education
        1. E: Workplace
          1. E: Support given to women
            1. E: Maternity leave
            2. E: Campaigns to promote increase in women's labour participation
              1. R: Laws promote greater equality at work
                1. E: paternity leave
                2. R: Economic need to ensure women go to work
              2. R: Equal rights


                • GROUP B (Not sure if A or B)
                1. R': Protected by the law
                  1. E: Life and liberty
                    1. E: Voting rights
                      1. E: Women's charter
                        1. Some laws only apply to women (SBR)
                          1. rape laws
                        2. R': Singapore practices meritocracy
                          1. promotes equal opportunities
                          2. E: Advocacy groups for rise in women's status
                            1. E: Aware
                        3. No
                          1. R: Societal perception
                            1. E: media
                            2. R: Traditional stereotypes persist
                              1. E: Son preference
                                1. E: In the private sphere:
                                  1. E: double burden
                                    1. E: lack financial stability
                                  2. R: Unequal treatment


                                    • GROUP C
                                    1. E: workplace (beyond the law)
                                      1. E: fewer women in workforce after marriage
                                        1. E: preference for male workers
                                        2. E: same qualifications, different pay
                                        3. E: glass ceiling
                                          1. E: political representation
                                        4. Reasons =/= examples
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