LTM and the very big picture

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LTM and the very big picture
1 Intrduction
1.1 The purpose is to show how the teaching materials are connected with social and historical context where these occur
1.2 How the materials development has been a reflex action to social developments which occur beyond the classrooms
1.2.1 Materials is cultural an artefact Social context commercial purposes can be seen as potentially resonating in tune with social forces according whit Marxist view Commercial purpose
1.3 Materials are propositions for actions in classroom workplans. Breen (1987)
2 Historical review - ELT Materials
2.1 1950 - 60´s (Cold war)
2.1.1 Technological developments to achieve control technical language Scientific approach Behaviourism Drills, substitution tables etc.
2.2 The late 1960´s to the late 1970's
2.2.1 Alternative ways to do things Flower power Love generation DIY (Do It Yourself) Humanistic Methodologies Silent way (Gattegno, 1972) Suggestopedia (Lozanov, 1978) Caring and Sharing in the foreing langguage class (Moskowitz, 1978 Language acquisition theory Krashen´s Input Hypostesis Recreate the conditions of our linguistic infacy
2.3 The 1970's to the mid 1980
2.3.1 Embourgeoisement (Goldthorpe, 1963, 1978) Development of economies with working class populations Individualism Linguistic wants and needs Special purposes Syllabus design students have their own styles and strategies
2.3.2 Social moves Recognition of cultures Communicative Language Teaching CLT
2.4 The mid 1980s onwards
2.4.1 Centralised and standardised view of language teaching Commercial publishing contemporary post-industrial society McDonalization Colonising social areas Teacher training Secuenences to be followed on the classroom secuences of books environments of consumption. Neo-lieberalism US interest of bussiness atomisation monetisation

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