P2 3 Work, energy and momentum

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P2 3 Work, energy and momentum
1 Energy and work
1.1 Work is done on an object when a force makes the object move
1.2 The energy transferred equals the work done
1.3 Work done (in joules) = force (in newtons) x distance moved in the direction of the force (in metres)
1.3.1 W = F x d
1.4 Work done to overcome friction is transferred as energy that heats the objects that rub together and the surroundings
2 Gravitational potential energy (GPE)
2.1 An object's GPE depends on its weight and its height
2.2 An object's GPE increases when the object goes up and decreases when the object goes down
2.3 See notes for maths
3 Kinetic energy
3.1 A moving object's kinetic energy depends on its mass and its speed
3.2 See notes for maths
3.3 Elastic potential energy is the energy stored in an elastic object when work is done on the object
4 Momentum
4.1 Momentum = mass (in kilograms) x velocity (in metres per second)
4.1.1 p = m x v
4.1.2 Velocity is speed IN A CERTAIN DIRECTION
4.2 Momentum is conserved whenever objects interact in a closed system with no external forces
4.2.1 This means the momentum after the interaction equals the momentum before the interaction
4.3 The unit of momentum is kilogram metres per second (kg m/s)
5 Explosions
5.1 When two objects push each other apart, they move apart ...
5.1.1 ... with different speeds if their masses are not the same The greater the mass, the lower the speed
5.1.2 ... with equal and opposite momentum so their total momentum is zero
6 Impact forces
6.1 When vehicles collide, the force of the impact depends on mass, change of velocity, and the duration of the impact
6.1.1 The longer the impact time, the lower the impact force Crumple zones and air bags increase the impact time, so reduce the impact force
6.2 When two vehicles collide...
6.2.1 .. they exert equal and opposite forces on each other
6.2.2 ... their total momentum is unchanged

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