Korte Handspieren

Joni Wouters
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Joni Wouters
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Mm interossei

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Korte Handspieren
  1. handpalmspieren


    • handpalmspieren
    1. mm lumbricales
      1. mm interossei
        1. mm interossei palmares
          1. mm interossei dorsales
        2. spieren van de duimmuis
          1. m adductor policies
            1. caput transversum
              1. caput obliquum
              2. m flexor pollicis brevis
                1. caput superficialis
                  1. caput profundum
                  2. m opponens pollicis
                    1. m abductor pollicis brevis
                    2. spieren van de pinkmuis
                      1. m opponens digiti minimi
                        1. m flexor digiti minimi brevis
                          1. m abductor digiti minimi
                            1. m palmaris brevis
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