Syllabus -Elementary 1

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Syllabus Elementary 1 Mind map

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Syllabus -Elementary 1
  1. Unit 2
    1. L1: Jobs: What do you do?
      1. Indefinite articles
        1. Professions
        2. L2: Adjectives: How are you feeling?
          1. Quantifiers
            1. Adjectives: happy, hungry, etc
            2. L3: Adjectives: What are you like?
              1. Present simple- Has got
                1. Parts of the body
                2. L4: Age: How old are you?
                  1. Numbers, prefixes, suffixes
                    1. Age expressions
                  2. Unit 1
                    1. L1:Greetings: Nice to meet you!
                      1. Subject pronouns
                        1. Good morning, good afternoon
                        2. L2: Names: What's your name?
                          1. Aux-verb be - and +
                          2. L3: Nationalities: Where are you from?
                            1. Contractions
                            2. L4: Classification: What's this?
                              1. Determiners, pronouns and adjectives
                                1. This, that, these those
                                  1. Objects
                                2. Unit 4
                                  1. L1: Have/has got: I've got a headache!
                                    1. Have/has- simple present
                                      1. Health
                                        1. To say how you are feeling
                                        2. L2: Object Pronouns: Does he love me?
                                          1. To express who receives the action
                                            1. Love story phrases
                                            2. L3: Simple present: Can you play the guitar?
                                              1. Can-can't
                                                1. To express ability
                                                  1. Verb phrases
                                                  2. L4: Like. Do you like shopping?
                                                    1. Like+verb ing
                                                      1. To express preferences
                                                        1. Free time activities
                                                      2. Unit 3
                                                        1. L1:Possessive Adjectives: family
                                                          1. Possessive adj-nouns-podssessivs's
                                                            1. Describing people
                                                              1. Family names
                                                              2. L2: Colours: What's your favourite colour?
                                                                1. Possessive adjectives/pronouns
                                                                  1. Colours
                                                                  2. L3: Time expressionsA. When is your birthday?
                                                                    1. Prepositions of time
                                                                      1. Times and dates
                                                                        1. Days, months, seasons
                                                                        2. L4: Time expressions B. What time is it?
                                                                          1. Prepositions of time , Verb phrases.
                                                                            1. Adverbs of frequency- Simple present
                                                                              1. Telling the time. Daily routines.
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