Applied Linguistics

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This is a mental map with the most important concepts we have revised in the course so far.

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Applied Linguistics
  1. rol of language in education
    1. language learning
      1. language teaching
      2. interdiciplinary field
        1. broad definition
          1. computer assited, forensic, technology, media, culture, translatio, etc.
          2. narrow definition
            1. teaching/learning L2
          3. "The theoretical and empirical investigation of real-word problems in which language is a central issue"
            1. approach
              1. method
                1. techniques
                  1. individual differences in L2
                    1. aptitude
                      1. learning strategies
                        1. motivation
                          1. learning style
                          2. cognitive process in L2
                            1. affective consideration
                              1. anxiety
                                1. self-steem
                                  1. inhibition
                                    1. attitud
                                    2. skills
                                      1. listening
                                        1. reading
                                          1. writing
                                            1. speaking
                                              1. grammaring
                                            2. globalization
                                              1. english as an international language
                                              2. sociolinguistic
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