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mind map of differences of comparative essay

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    1. comparison between two things
      1. extremly clear about ppurpose
        1. GUIDE
          1. Analize the question
            1. Research until you have a complete understand
              1. find benefit from the research
                1. easili compare similar aspects,
            2. Write introduction
              1. General point
                1. establish similarities
                  1. reader should understand the point you will examining
                    1. describe the significance of the two subjects
              2. Organize the sequence
                1. Define cthe comoarison
                  1. based the argument
                    1. determine the structure
                      1. METHODS
                        1. 1
                          1. Ddiscuss each half of the comparison
                            1. Ex. begin a paragraph comparing two situations
                              1. each paragraph compare a single aspect of both situations
                          2. 2
                            1. alternate two subjects paragraph by paragraph
                              1. begin with one side of the argument
                                1. next paragraph deal with the other
                                  1. keep same process until your conclusion
                            2. 3
                              1. main body argue one side of the comparison
                                1. switch and discuss the other side of comparison
                                  1. is dangerous
                                    1. *comparison can become in one side
                    2. Conclussion
                      1. brief summary
                        1. including similarities and diferences
                          1. ending with a personal statement and opinion
                            1. mentioned what is important about things being compared
                              1. try to point out the similarities that they have
                      2. Revise writing
                        1. If time is not an issue take a rest
                          1. settle down to revise
                            1. find problems, fix them and correct them
                              1. if is possible find a friend to look over
                                1. ask to find a problem that you missed
                      3. TIPS
                        1. Answer the question
                          1. be clear and precise
                            1. choose a great topic sentence
                              1. you do not repit yourself
                                1. ensure that all points are addressed
                        2. WARNINGS
                          1. Give same importance of two issues
                            1. beware of the "fraying pan"
                              1. conclusion includes a simple summary of your argument
                                1. avoid that two subjects are " similar, yet different"
                        3. ARGUMENTATIVE
                          1. GUIDE
                            1. INTRODUCTION
                              1. 1,2 paragraphs
                                1. purpose
                                  1. optional elements should be interesting - understandable
                                    1. Required elementes
                                      1. literary- aithot +title
                                        1. issue - brief explanation
                                          1. film director+year+title
                              2. Background paragraph
                                1. 1,2 paragraphs
                                  1. purpose
                                    1. key of the theory
                                2. Supporting evidence paragraph
                                  1. purpose
                                    1. topic sentence
                                      1. initial evidence
                                        1. end evidence
                                          1. concluding
                                    2. 2,3,4
                                    3. Supporting evidence paragraph
                                      1. 2,3,4
                                        1. repite above
                                      2. Couterargument
                                        1. objective and reasonable
                                        2. Conclusion
                                          1. 1
                                            1. purpose remind readers, the argumente
                                            2. 2
                                              1. convince your critically and analytically thought
                                                1. whyshould care about the topic
                                                  1. concrete language
                                                    1. avoid new claims
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