The four poems

Bethany Lewis
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Bethany Lewis
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The four poems
  1. Storm on the Island
    1. Layout of the poem by voltas
      1. Confidence
        1. Less confidence
          1. No confidence
      2. speaker
        1. person on island
          1. conversation
        2. Oxymoron
          1. 'Exploding comfortably
        3. Ozymandias
          1. Form: sonnet
            1. Doesn't follow the romance theme
            2. Internal rhyme
              1. No couplets
                1. Not like a song
                  1. Serious
              2. 'Ozy'- air/ to breathe
                1. 'Mandias' to rule
                2. 3 speakers
                  1. Traveller
                    1. Speaker
                      1. Ozymandias
                    2. Kamikaze
                      1. 'Divine wind'
                        1. Japanese suicide bombers
                          1. If not done, you were a coward
                            1. The father
                            2. Only 3 full stops
                              1. A story?
                              2. A speaker
                                1. Daughter of the kamikaze
                                2. No rhyme scheme
                                  1. serious
                                    1. conversational
                                  2. The Emigrée
                                    1. Repetition
                                      1. possesion
                                        1. 'My city'
                                        2. 'they'
                                          1. 'sunlight'
                                          2. IS it a good country?
                                            1. Sunny place
                                              1. 'Sick with tyrants'
                                                1. Someone on the wait to leave
                                                  1. 'Paperweight
                                                    1. branded
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