Social class and HE

Jeff Wall
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Jeff Wall
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Plan for an essay looking into the differences between social classes in higher education

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Social class and HE
1 Paired peers project
1.1 Overview of findings
1.2 What can be done to reduce the difference
2 impact of attainment prior to entering HE
2.1 Reading levels
2.2 Writing levels
2.3 Secondary/college educational environment
2.4 Private tutoring/mentoring
2.5 Home environment
2.5.1 Parental support
2.5.2 Housing contidtions
3 Working while studying
3.1 living costs
3.1.1 social life - culture of going out while at university
3.1.2 Essential items - food clothing
3.1.3 Housing costs Housing environment facilities - study space etc Utilities: Heating / electricity / internet Impact on health
3.2 Reduced independent study time
3.2.1 Fall behind on reading
3.2.2 Less time to complete assignments
3.3 Prioritising work over lectures/seminars
3.3.1 Missed opportunities to engage with peers and academics
4 Family background
4.1 Ethnicity
4.1.1 cultural expectations
4.2 Expectation to follow the family business
4.2.1 Limited options
4.3 Expectation to go to the same university
4.4 Old School Tie network
5 Peers
5.1 Background
5.2 Do they have the same pressures that
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