To what extent were East German citizens living contented lives in the GDR in the 1970s?

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Mind Map on To what extent were East German citizens living contented lives in the GDR in the 1970s?, created by Joel Towner on 06/08/2016.

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To what extent were East German citizens living contented lives in the GDR in the 1970s?
  1. Content
    1. High membership numbers of socialist organisations (FDJ and SED)
      1. People appeared to be supporting the regime by joining organisations that were supproted by the government and had communinst/socialist values
        1. people seemed to be content with the regime as they were joining its organisations
          1. People joined these organisations because it allowed them to advance their lives, this made them happy as they could make their lives better by faking support for the regime
            1. Faked support in the regime, it was the only way people could advance their career/education
              1. Not content with the GDR becasue people did it becuase of their situation, they did not join them because they were happy with the regime and ready to join organiations that supported it
        2. Job security and subsidised housing
          1. Enjoyed a guarenteed job and high welfare provision that state offered
            1. unlike in capitalist society where securities were few and far between, did not want to lose them, this made them happy they has such securities
              1. Not happy with the sub-standard of living, 65% of homes had piped water
          2. Equality in the work place, women expected to work
            1. women enjoyed the new freedoms under the socialist regime, enjoyed having state provided child care
              1. Had to take the lower paid/skilledjobs becuase of their abilities and training, still made to look after children and couild take one house day off a week, reinforcing their old role as mothers
                1. Women enjoyed the ability to go and earn their own living, this was not to be seen in Capitalist society until years later
                  1. No longer soley relied on men for their income, greater financial independence
            2. Not-content
              1. Fear and repression
                1. People did not enjoy the presence of the stasi or the fact their flats could be bugged and mail checked, but they had no choice as they would be arrested, they had no other option but the give the illusion of being content
                2. Women and equality
                  1. Not true equality, women had to perform dual burden, of child care and paid work, but forced to take low skilled/paid jobs
                    1. still had to rely on a partner for income, high rate of marriages/ remarraiges
                      1. 1977, 87% of women in the field of paid work
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