Public Health

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Public Health
1 Why did government need to get involved?
1.1 Death rates high
1.1.1 Deaths made government look bad
1.2 Britains empire got rich
1.3 Need fit healthy men to run empire
2 Public health measures in place before 1350
2.1 Councils passed by-laws ordering people to keep streets clean
2.2 Public baths, sewers, piped water and cesspits
2.3 Some people had own latrines
3 Obstacles getting public health introduced
3.1 Couldn't afford water closet to wash away sewage
3.2 Health risks due to poor sanitation - especially when sewers over flowed into rivers
3.3 Cesspits needed cleaning out
3.3.1 Leaves used as toilet paper
3.4 Inside, people used chamber pits + chucked contents into street
3.5 Government refused to pay for rubbish removal
4 London Sewers
4.1 Designed by Joseph Bazelgette
4.2 Improved health as less cholera
4.3 Disproves Miasma
4.3.1 Proves cholera is water biorn
4.4 Why did they build them?
4.4.1 Fear of cholera
4.4.2 Believed in miasma
4.4.3 The great stink Unbearable smell

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