George Clooney

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George Clooney focus WJEC Film Studies- A2 Coursework- Example

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George Clooney
1 Steven Soderbergh Links
1.1 Out of Sight
1.1.1 Interractions with female co-stars
1.1.2 Hero/Anti-hero
1.1.3 The relationship between Clooney's dominant male characters and a strong female lead
1.2 Solaris
1.3 Ocean's 1,2,3
1.3.1 Use of music
1.3.2 Development of plot/storyline
1.4 The Good German
2 Buddy films/Ensemble
2.1 The Monument's Men
2.2 Ocean's 1,2,3
2.3 Oh Brother Where art Thou?
3 As a director
3.1 Confessions of a dangerous mind
3.2 Good night, and Good luck
3.3 The Monument's Men
3.4 How have Clooney and Soderbergh's films had an impact on Clooney as a director?
4 Strong masculine performance
4.1 Out of Sight


4.1.1 Anti hero
4.1.2 How was the relationship established?
4.2 Ocean's 1, 2, 3
4.3 Up in the air
5 Performances with a strong female lead role
5.1 Out of Sight
5.2 Gravity
5.3 Money Monster
5.4 Representation of the relationship between Clooney and his leding ladies
6 The Coen Brothers Links
6.1 Hail, Caesar!
6.2 O Brother, Where art thou?
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