GCSE Revision (Types of Production)

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Covers the required scale of production in the AQA Product Design Specification

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GCSE Revision (Types of Production)
1 Scale
1.1 Continuous (non-stop)
1.1.1 Expensive (-) 24/7 (-)
1.1.2 examples Oil refining Chemical Steel
1.2 Jobbing (one-off)
1.2.1 single product Indivdual needs (+) Specific requirements (+)
1.2.2 Labour intensive (-)
1.2.3 Highly skilled workforce
1.3 Batch (specific quantity)
1.3.1 Flexible (+) Labour Team working Cells


  • Small groups of people working on a particular section of the production line. Machinery
1.3.2 Between batches Downtime Unproductive (-)
1.4 Mass (high volume)
1.4.1 Large scale Tasks broken down Repetative Low skills QC/QA important
1.4.2 Expensive specilised equipment (-)
1.4.3 Large workforce Recruitment easy (+)
1.4.4 examples Car/vans White/Electrical goods
1.4.5 Just in time (JIT)
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