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Unit 4
1.3 The Design argument & belief in Allah
1.4 The causation argumet & belief in Allah
10 Mind Mapping Strategies for Teachers
Andrea Leyden
1PR101 2.test - Část 9.
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Rules of Tajweed
Naeema Abbas
Chapter 1: The Noble Features of Rasulullah s.a.w
Naeema Abbas
UNIT 11.1- Belief and value keywords
Mezhepler Tarihi/ Islamic Creeds
Section 1; Key Terms
1 Importance of the Shahadah
1.1 The shahadah gives all the other pillars a meaning
1.1.1 The first pillar of Islam
1.2 To become a Muslim the shahadah must be said which shows unity.
1.3 Teaches us about Tawhid
1.4 Azhan and recited to a newborn baby
1.5 Ibadah
1.6 Encourged when one is dying
2 Importance of Salah
2.1 Command of Allah(17:78) and is also a gift
2.2 The 2nd pillar of Islam
2.3 The prophet performed salah(follow his footsteps)
2.4 Diiferentiates between a Muslim and a non-Muslim
2.5 We will have noor on our face in the Akhira and also attain jannah.
2.6 Unites the ummah
2.7 Helps us reduce the amount of sins we commit as we dedicate ourselves to our salah.
2.8 Helps us remember Allah and strengthens our bond and connection with
3 Why Muslims give Zakat
3.1 Removes selfishness
3.2 3rd pillar of Islam and a command of Allah
3.3 Sunnah-Taught and encouraged
3.4 Helps decrease our sins and purifies our wealth(increase)
3.5 Unites the ummah and helps us be grateful
3.6 We gain reward and get closer to Allah
4 Zakat is not enough to help the poor
4.1 Yes
4.1.1 2.5% is not enough
4.1.2 Not everyone pays it
4.1.3 Big charities are just as good
4.2 No
4.2.1 Every bit helps and counts Temporary aid
4.2.2 2.5% is the minimumn
4.2.3 If everyone pays it will be enough
5 Importance of fasting
5.1 Helps us increase in our Salah and ibadah
5.2 At iftar time Allah accepts our dua's
5.3 The gates of Jannah are open whilst the doors of hell are closed(shaitans are chained)
5.4 Unites the ummah
5.5 Helps to develop self-control and encourages us to think about the less fortunate.
6 Fasting without an intention is pointless
6.1 Yes
6.1.1 Every action is judged by intentions
6.1.2 May do it to show off
6.1.3 Some are forced to fast
6.1.4 Allah is not in need of our fasting
6.2 No
6.2.1 Still obeying Allah
6.2.2 Still sacrificing food&drink
6.2.3 Still feel the hunger of the needy
6.2.4 Still get the rewards(5 Pillars)

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