America in the 1930's

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America in the 1930's
1 Economy
1.1 Economy was booming...
1.1.1 1920's was a boom time for many, low inflation, low unemployment and low interest rates People had a high standard of living
1.1.2 Cities were rebuilt with skyscrapers and major road programmes
1.1.3 Consumer boom, more people could now afford items
1.2 Went bust in 1929...
1.2.1 High level of unemployment, homelessness and poverty
1.2.2 Led to a massive economic depression in 1930
1.2.3 Increasing machinery driving farmers off the land
1.2.4 Drought and over farming reducing fertile land
1.2.5 Land owners becoming bankrupt, banks themselves were collapsing
2 Travelling Farm Worker
2.1 After stock crash, many farmers couldn't keep their jobs and so workers lost their jobs too
2.2 In some parts, drought and over-farming had made the land unable of growing crops (dust bowl)
2.3 Travelling farm workers moved from farm to farm for work
2.3.1 In return for their work they got a bed, food and a small wage
2.3.2 George and Lennie are examples of travelling farm workers
2.3.3 Took temporary jobs wherever they could find them and moved on when they were finished
2.3.4 Often travelled alone
3 Hollywood was on the rise in 1920s and 1930
3.1 Film became the biggest form of mass entertainment
3.2 Film stars began to become more well known
3.3 Many ordinary people dreamed of becoming famous and living a star's glamorous lifestyle
3.3.1 Curley's Wife
4 Racist
4.1 Crook's was treated badly but his experience was probably typical of black men
4.2 Racist language was very common
4.3 Segregation
4.3.1 Black people had to use lower quality public spaces and services
4.4 Horrific racist violence
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