Causes of World War 1

Daniel Brener
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IGCSE Edexcel History (Mothballed Work Year 9) Mind Map on Causes of World War 1, created by Daniel Brener on 04/26/2013.

Daniel Brener
Created by Daniel Brener over 6 years ago
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Causes of World War 1
1 Formation of Opposing Alliences
1.1 Triple Auntante
1.1.1 Britain Britain had no possessions in Europe until WW1 It had an empire around the world with possessions on every continent the empire was protected by the British Navy, the strongest navel force at the time the Navy also heavily the protected the Merchant Navy, a vital supply system one of the reasons why Britain went to war with Germany was that Germany was developing its Navey up till 1914 Britain had chosen to stay very isolated from Europe however she always would seek to control the Seas around Europe
1.1.2 France France had a large Empire in Africa Britain and France never usually clashed
1.1.3 Russia Russian territory was made mostly up of Asia and Alaska
1.2 Triple Alliance
1.2.1 Germany Germany had a small empire but only in Africa
1.2.2 Austria
1.2.3 Turkey Turkey had an empire mainly in the middle-east
1.3 Other partially important countries
1.3.1 Portugal had an empire which now mostly South America
1.4 these alliances where dangerous as it meant that if one country went to war with another, all the countries in the alliance have to declair war also
2 Assassination of Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand
2.1 his death was the "spark" for war

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