State Capitalism

Declan Wiseman
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A-Level History (Russian History) Mind Map on State Capitalism, created by Declan Wiseman on 07/11/2016.

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Declan Wiseman
Created by Declan Wiseman over 3 years ago
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State Capitalism
1 6-8 months
2 Some central control of economy, private markets remained
3 Lenin feared that the workers were not ready for socialism and things should move slowly
4 Workers were uneducated, lacked management skills
5 Output dropped, inflation rose due to lack of goods
6 Peasants didn't sell surplus grain as money was worthless, so cities struggled for food, Petrograd February 1918 citizens had 50g of bread per day
7 To facilitate centralised control- Veshenka was set up December 1917 to supervise/control economic development

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