impact of rencissence

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Created by bethanycoultrip over 6 years ago
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impact of rencissence
1 technology
1.1 mechanical pumps
1.1.1 gives harvey understanding of how heart works
1.2 mass production of books
1.2.1 spread new ideas
1.3 priniting press
1.3.1 breaks power of church over books and therefore medical trainning
2 royal society
2.1 orgainisation of scientist
2.2 new ideas disease and spread
2.3 very respected set up by king
3 van leeuwen hock
3.1 this will eventally lead to discovery of germ theory
3.2 improves leusey
3.2.1 better microsopes
3.3 sees bacteria for first time
3.3.1 calls them cunimamialcules
4 adreas vesalius
4.1 challenged galens idea
4.1.1 encouraged other people to challenged galen
4.2 improved knowledge of anatamy
5 willliam harvey
5.1 challenged galens ideas
5.2 limited impact, only academic intrested
5.3 no change in treatment

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