Sources of Stalin's strengths

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Sources of Stalin's strengths
1 Rise to power didn't start with Lenin's death.
1.1 Positions within the party already gave Stalin considerable influence
1.1.1 General Secretary of the Party Doubtful whether potential for influence given by position had been recognised at the time of his appointment
2 Stalin very close to Lenin during his final months, and virtually controlled access to the sick leader
2.1 Had Lenin's office bugged in order to gain information - early sign of paranoia evident in 1930s
2.1.1 Stalin compiled reports on other prominent Communists, including those that were his rivals for power and influence
3 The massive increase in party membership began in 1923 - the 'Lenin Enrolment' was managed by Stalin
3.1 The new party recruits owed their loyalty to Stalin
4 Shrewd enough to stay out of major controversy
4.1 Stalin built up cult of Lenin before promoting himself as Lenin's successor
5 Struggle for power - policy and personality
5.1 Stalin won both battles
5.2 His policies dealt with Soviet needs at the time unlike his rivals
5.3 He was more than a match against rival communists - Bukharin, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Trotsky. Although noticed too late.
5.4 Stalin's personality underestimated - ruthless, strong abilities
6 Saw Stalin as:
6.1 'The grey-blur'
6.2 'Comrade card-index'
7 He was incredibly ruthless

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