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Describes the semantics and pragmatics

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    1. From the Greek "Semantikos" that is "sense" or "meaning"
      1. Study the meaning of the linguistic signs
        1. Related to the meaning, "sense" and "interpretation"
          1. Words
            1. Expressions
              1. Símbols
              2. It's divided in
                1. DENOTATION
                  1. Original expression, the one from dictionaries or encyclopedias
                    1. Donkey: the domesticated animal, having long ears and a loud bray.
                  2. CONNOTATION
                    1. Alternative form in which the word is used
                      1. "Rafa is a Donkey", it refers to a silly person
                  3. Branches
                    1. LINGUISTICS
                      1. Coding and decoding of the semantic content
                      2. LOGIC
                        1. Relation between the linguistic sign and the reality
                        2. COGNITIVE
                          1. Attempts to explain why we communicate
                            1. Relation generated between the speaker and the listener
                      3. PRAGMATICS
                        1. Relation between the signs and their interpreters
                          1. Analyzes the influence of the context
                            1. Context: understood as situation
                              1. Any extralinguistic aspect
                              2. Is the meaning interpretation
                              3. Influential factors
                                1. SOCIAL
                                  1. PSYCHOLOGICAL
                                    1. CULTURAL
                                      1. LITERARY
                                        1. Determine the structure of verbal communication and its consequences
                                      2. Study the language and its relation
                                        1. THE SPEECH ACTS
                                          1. ASERTIVE OR CONSTATIVES
                                            1. Made by means of an assertive statement
                                              1. Affirmative or negative
                                                1. - It's not raining. - the sun is shining.
                                            2. PERFORMATIVE
                                              1. The fact "to say is to do"
                                                1. Can be
                                                  1. INSTITUTIONALIZED
                                                    1. "I now pronounce you husband and wife"
                                                    2. AFFIRMATION
                                                      1. "I insist, he is a liar"
                                                      2. PROMISES
                                                        1. "I promise that I will go"
                                                        2. EXPRESSIONS OF WHISES
                                                          1. "I wish you could stay"
                                                          2. PROHIBITIONS
                                                            1. "You can't go to the party"
                                                            2. REQUESTS
                                                              1. "Can you lend me the book?"
                                                              2. INVITATIONS
                                                                1. "Would you like to have breakfast with us?"
                                                    3. Both help to understand the phenomenon of the linguistic signs
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