Gravity and space!

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Gravity and space!
1 Gravity
1.1 Gravity depends on 2 things; the mass of the object and the distance between them.
1.1.1 If you double the distance the gravitational force divides by 4
1.2 Weight (N) = mass (Kg) x gravitational field strength (N/Kg)
1.3 On earth gravity pulls with a force of 10N per Kg. To find the weight of a paticular mass, mutiply the mass by 10
1.4 If you know the weight and want to find the mass divide by 10
1.5 Gravity pulls everything to the centre of the earth so down is relative to where you are standing
2 Planets
2.1 Mecury- My
2.2 Venus - Very
2.3 Earth -Easy
2.4 Mars - Method
2.5 Jupiter - Just
2.6 Saturn - Speeds
2.7 Uranus - Up
2.8 Neptune - Naming
2.9 ?? Pluto - Planets ????
3 Scale of of universe
3.1 Biggest
3.2 Smallest
3.3 Universe
3.4 Local groups of galaxies
3.5 Galaxy
3.6 Solar system
3.7 Planets
3.8 Moons
4 Theorys on the solar system
4.1 Geocentric - Is when the earth is at the centre of the universe and everything moves around us
4.2 Heliocentric- The suns at the centre and everything moves around it
4.3 Model- A set of ideas used to explain something
5 Planets closer to the sun are warmer, and planets further away from the sun are colder as the heat from the sun is less intense
5.1 Planets closer to the sun have a shorter year than those further away because the planets further away have less gravitational pull and the closer you
5.1.1 are you are the shorter you have to travel
5.2 Planets and moons dont give off their own light. But we can see them because of reflected light
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