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sara Gutierrez Morales
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sara Gutierrez Morales
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this is what we do in the lab of biology on 02 08 16

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Lab Report
  1. creators:
    1. Mariana puentes velez
      1. Simon robles rojas
        1. Juan sebastian avellaneda
          1. Sara gutierrez morales
          2. objectives
            1. 1.To acquire abilities for using the microoscope
              1. 2.Identify the specialties structures that produce sugar to growth the pphotosynthesis
                1. 3.Identify carbohydrates in deferents kinds of food obtained from plants
                2. hipothesis
                  1. 1.we think that it can be more easy that the spected
                    1. 2.we think that the specialites structures can be in a specific order
                      1. 3.we think that the glucose can be more easier to see in a mini-chips
                      2. in this picture he was seeing the plant spirogyra
                        1. the teacher was seeing sebrina plant
                          1. it see like bambu but like a tissue
                            1. this a sebrina in the microscope
                              1. materials
                                1. microoscope
                                  1. estetoscope
                                    1. zebrina
                                      1. spirogyra
                                      2. this is also a zebrina but in the back
                                        1. also is was seeing a zebrina
                                          1. this is a zebrine in the microoscope
                                            1. this is a spirogyra
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