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1 The Logan family
1.1 Cassie
1.1.1 Narrator
1.1.2 Doesn't like uniform 'I hate the dress. And the shoes.'
1.2 Little Man
1.2.1 Like's to stay clean 'meticulously neat'
1.2.2 Youngest
1.3 Christopher-John
1.3.1 Happy
1.3.2 Doesn't like arguing 'Likes to be on good terms with everyone'
1.3.3 Fat 'round'
1.3.4 Sensitive 'sensitive to others'
1.4 Stacey
1.4.1 Eldest 'at twelve'
1.4.2 Will be in mother's class (year 8) 'You gotta be in mama's class this year.'
1.4.3 Bossy 'Cassie, stop that.'
1.5 Mary (mama)
1.5.1 Teacher 'Your mama's one really great teacher'
1.5.2 Tough on her children 'Mama's gonna ''clean'' you'
1.5.3 Calm
1.6 Big Ma
1.6.1 Mother of David
1.6.2 Good at medecines 'She was good at medecines.'
1.7 David (papa)
1.7.1 Works at railroads 'work on the railroad'
1.8 All black
1.9 Farmers
2 The Avery family
2.1 T.J
2.1.1 Annoying
2.1.2 Talkative
2.1.3 Stacey's friend 'jauntily swinging into step with Stacey.'
2.1.4 Rumor-spreader 'I betcha I could give y'all an earful 'bout that burnin' last night.'
2.2 Claude
2.2.1 Shy 'Smiling weakly.'
2.3 All black
3 Setting
3.1 Mississippi
3.1.1 Spokane country
3.2 Very racist time
3.2.1 'Laughing white faces pressed against the bus window as the bus sped past.'
3.3 1933
3.3.1 October First day of school
3.4 Dusty

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