The Ottoman Empire

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Created by 18garza4838 over 5 years ago
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The Ottoman Empire
1 Leaders
1.1 Mehmet II
1.1.1 is one of Greatest Sultan
1.1.2 is Slayer of Byzantine Empire
1.1.3 was Known for Fratricide
1.2 Osman
1.2.1 is the Founder of the Ottoman Empire
2 Religion
2.1 ottomans believed in
2.1.1 Islam it has 5 Pillars Hajj means Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a life time Zakat Donate money to Poor Salat you had to Pray 5 times a day Shahadah Muhammad is Gods Messanger there is only One God Sawm means to Fast during Ramadan
2.1.2 Din Wa Dawla means Society Family Army
3 Architecture
3.1 Mosques
3.2 Tombs
3.3 Palaces
3.4 Schools
3.5 Mosaic
3.6 the buildings had
3.6.1 Glass Painted Tiles
3.6.2 Phrases of Quran decorate doors and borders
4 Economy
4.1 profited by
4.1.1 trade
4.1.2 Sacking cities
5 Government
5.1 Sultan
5.1.1 had the Supreme Authority Land Ownership
5.2 Grand Vizier
5.2.1 Leads Council Meatings
5.2.2 is the Chief Minister
5.3 Ulema
5.3.1 were the Religious Advisors
5.3.2 had to Administered Muslim Schools
6 Role of Women
6.1 were
6.1.1 Secluded in Harem to Pleased Husbands
6.2 they had
6.2.1 Rights to Not to be forced to marry Apply for Divorce Land Owning
7 Gunpowder
7.1 ottomans had the
7.1.1 Mastery of technolgy of arms
8 Janissaries
8.1 Elite Guard
8.1.1 are Under the command of Sultan
8.2 are
8.2.1 Recruits Smartest were sent to law school that were Converted to Islam were Trained in Farms
9 Trade
9.1 ottomans
9.1.1 Blocked trade routes This was a source of power
9.1.2 Traded Pottery Rugs

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