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Descripción sobre convergencia

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What is convergence
1 There are as many definitions as a many people
2 There is no agreement
2.1 Opportunity to provide new sand information to consumers
2.1.1 Reporter who specializes in a particular area to convert the information content and in many ways. (Reporter in Marca)
2.2 Expand a franchise
2.3 all about technology
3 Collaboration between media
3.1 Rich Gordon University of Northwestern
3.1.1 Property: applies to partnerships between large media companies that allows content sharing. reduce costs increases efficiency provides quality news
3.1.2 Tactics: Does not require common property. Association between a television station and a newspaper usually separate property - business deal almost always Promotional
3.1.3 Structural: it Occurs when media companies reorganize the newsroom and introduce new features. (News Gathering) Example: Orlando Sentinel's: republished content for distribution in other media. (Website, radio, or television interview, newspaper and mobile devices)
4 If the technology becomes much simpler, we find more platypus emerging from their burrows.
5 Most journalists just do not have the necessary level of expertise, and training has never been a high priority in many newsrooms.
6 Less is more
7 convergence problems
7.1 Most journalists do not work with convergence.
7.2 Convergence is a matter of survival
8 Convergence is not cooperation (resource sharing) or associations or promotion
9 what needs convergence
9.1 A change of mindset of managers and journalists. There are key people to be assigned to the stories.
9.2 Journalists need to be trained to assess a story and send the individual or the right equipment.
9.3 The quality of the content should be generated quality staff
9.4 Mentality change
9.5 Journalists need training in convergence
10 "Coopertition" It is competition and cooperation and represents a new form of business in which competing organizations now work together or when it suits them.
11 The convergence produces challenges for journalists, editors and media companies
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