Vocational Education (Functionalist/New Right)


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Vocational Education (Functionalist/New Right)
  1. Work related study in school/college/apprenticeship. The learners aquire job specific knowledge and skills mainly on the job or in worklike situations
    1. New vocationalism
      1. he main function of education is to provide the economy with a skilled work force
      2. Examples of Vocational Education
        1. Youth Training Scheme
          1. Apprenticeships
            1. NVQ/GNVQ
            2. Criticisms
              1. Marxists argue that NV serves the needs of capitalism and reproduces inequalities
                1. Finn
                  1. YTS provided cheap labour for employers and kept unemployment statistics down and kept youths off the streets
                  2. Buswell
                    1. Found YTS channelled girls into low paid "women's work" such as retail
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