Religion, Sport and Leisure

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Created by sophiecal53 over 6 years ago
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Religion, Sport and Leisure
1 Benefits of leisure
1.1 prevents boredom
1.2 reduces stress
1.3 builds social relationships
1.4 provides happiness
1.5 stimulates creativity
2 Religious views on leisure
2.1 Important for your body, mind and spirit
2.2 Gives time to focus on their God-given talents/gifts
2.3 Gives time to practice faith
3 Misuse
3.1 Excessive gambling
3.1.1 Causes selfishness/greed, leads to addiction/crime
3.1.2 Some may see it as donating to charity by buying a raffle ticket
3.2 Binge drinking
3.2.1 Lead to vandalism, immorality. Hangovers, absence from work 'Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery'
4 Benefits of sport
4.1 improves concentration/stamina
4.2 prevents stress
4.3 physical improvements
4.4 improves social skills
5 Religious views on sport
5.1 Christianity
5.1.1 keeps God-given body healthy
5.1.2 God is more important than sport/stars
5.2 Hinduism
5.2.1 Aim to achieve karma Sport can bring pleasure/balance
5.3 Holy days
5.3.1 'Keep the Sabbath (Sunday) Holy' Put God first before sport
5.3.2 Day of rest to worship God
6 Fair play
6.1 honesty & truthfulness
6.2 C: 'You shall not bear false witness'
6.3 H: earn living honestly (artha)
7 Performance Enhancing Drugs
7.1 dishonourable & cheating
7.2 stealing & illegal
7.3 dangerous
7.4 Can harm the God-given body
8 Equality
8.1 Many argue everybody should have a fair chance
8.2 Technology has enabled disabled people to compete

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