school day plan

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This is my school day.

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school day plan
1 afternoon
1.1 have lunch with friend
1.1.1 have a rest for 30 miutes ask teacher some question or chat with friends do some homework have two classes have a club evevyday go home go to see evening
2 moning
2.1 get up
2.1.1 at seven 40 brush teeth eat breakfast go to school have five classes go to see afternoon wash face
2.1.2 Do not get up late!!!
3 eveing
3.1 have dinner
3.1.1 do a lot of homewoke a lot of!!! read English word read English stories always English go to bed the end about science
4 evening to moning,moning to afternoon...
4.1 This my school day
4.1.1 I think it is very busy
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