the roaring twenties

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GCSE form 3 lent (history) Mind Map on the roaring twenties, created by emz and mylo on 03/06/2014.

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the roaring twenties
1 flappers
1.1 women in the 1920s
1.1.1 wore shorter dresses
1.1.2 went to lots of parties
1.1.3 lower waistline
1.1.4 disobeyed the prohibition
2 the prohibition
2.1 the ban of alcohol in the 1920s
2.2 lots of people disobeyed the prohibition
2.3 it had the opposite effect to what people wanted
2.4 speakeasies
2.4.1 illegal bars
2.4.2 often in basements used to drink to alcohol in mugs so it looked like they were drinking coffee
2.5 bootlegging
2.5.1 smuggling illegal alcohol over the border
2.5.2 lots of gangsters did it
2.6 moonshine
2.6.1 alcohol people made at home
2.6.2 some people didn't know how much alcohol to put in some people died
3 gangsters
3.1 they did racketeering
3.1.1 smashing up shops
3.1.2 for money
3.2 Al Capone
3.2.1 Al Capone was a famous gangster
3.2.2 born in brooklyn
3.2.3 parents were immigrants from italy
3.2.4 excluded from school for hitting a teacher
3.2.5 in a street gangs called 5 pointers
3.2.6 in 1919 he moved to chicago
3.2.7 gang boss jhonny torrio offered him a job they took over other gangs torrio retired in 1925
3.2.8 by 1927 al had 700 men working for him
3.2.9 on valentines day 1929 he did valentines day massacre shot dead 7 members of rival gang North Side Gang run by Bugs Moran
3.2.10 was called public enemy number 1
3.2.11 spent 11 years in prison and was released as he had brain cancer got brain cancer from std from prostitute in 1920s
3.2.12 died from heart attack in 1947
4 racism
4.1 lynching
4.1.1 black people being hung from trees
4.1.2 illegal
4.1.3 strange fruits written because of a photo of lynching 'strange fruit' means the black poeple
4.2 segregation
4.2.1 black and white people had different water fountains
4.2.2 black people were served last in shops
4.3 there was most racism in the south
4.4 Ku Klux Klan
4.4.1 group of extremist white racists
4.4.2 lynched the black men
4.4.3 wore white hoods protected identity showed they supported the white people
4.4.4 known as kkk
4.4.5 membership came down when a member was caught and revealed a lot about the kkk
4.4.6 still exists today
5 new music
5.1 black music
5.1.1 jazz Louis Armstrong became very famous blues flappers danced to it in speakeasies
6 crazes
6.1 watching sport
6.1.1 people watched baseball
6.1.2 boxing
6.2 flag pole sitting
6.2.1 sat on top of big flag pole
6.2.2 world record is 439 days, 11 hours, and 6 minutes
6.3 going to the cinema
6.3.1 called them picture palaces
6.3.2 short films
6.3.3 silent films
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