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1 biology
1.1 ecology
1.1.1 study of living things and their environment
1.1.2 biotic living grows consumes moves adapts and evolves respires reproduces regulation made of cellls
1.1.3 abiotic non living made of atoms
2 chemistry
2.1 study of chemical and elements
2.2 periodic table
2.2.1 contain all the elements
2.3 chemicals react with other chemical and make chemical reactions
3 physics
3.1 newton's 3 law of motion
3.1.1 newton proved that gravity exists gravity is a force that pulls thing to the center of the earth inspired him by an apple falling to the ground
3.2 friction
3.2.1 when 1 object touches another, produces heat.
4 earth science
4.1 study of earth
4.2 volcanoes
4.2.1 formed by plates pushing towards each other
4.2.2 when it cools down, it forms new land
4.3 plate tectonics
4.3.1 plates move over time and form different geology and landscape
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