Political Stances During The 1930s

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Big Dawg Davany
Created by Big Dawg Davany over 6 years ago
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Political Stances During The 1930s
1 First Round Table Conference
1.1 12th November 1930 - in the House of Lords
1.2 89 representaves - 16 from British Political Parties, 16 Princes and 57 nominees of the viceroy
1.3 Ended in January 1931
1.3.1 Two Basic Agreements Central and provincial and executive power should be accountable to legislatures British India and Indian India should be federally linked as one nation
1.4 Congress boycotted the event
2 Gandhi - Irwin Pact
2.1 Signed on the 5th March 1931
2.1.1 Gandhi's Side Civil disobedience movement would be halted Congress would participate in a recovened round table conference
2.1.2 Irwin's Side An inquiry into police brutality would be held Political prisoners not guilty would be released banned organisations would be unb fines cancelled peaceful picketing in support of indian goods was permitted future political changes would be in the interests of India

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