1930's civil disobedience

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1930's civil disobedience
1 December 1929
1.1 congress started aim- Purna Swarij
1.2 J Nerhrum now congress leader
2 12th March 1930
2.1 salt march
2.2 1st campaign since 2nd non cooperation moment
2.2.1 civil disobedience, mass movement, focused on breaking of salt laws
3 12th November 1930
3.1 1st roundtable conference
3.1.1 no Gandhi or Congress
3.1.2 an agreement was reached however worthless as it didnt included biggest groups
4 5th March 1931
4.1 Gandhi-Irwin pact
5 7th September 1931
5.1 2nd roundtable conference
5.1.1 Gandhi claims to speak for the whole of India others felt patronized
5.1.2 disagreement over reserved seats- no agreement was reached
6 4th August 1932
6.1 Communal award
6.1.1 British giving reserved seats to minority 'Harijons' Gandhi's term
7 November 1932
7.1 3rd roundtable conference
7.1.1 British government was very weak
7.1.2 majority of key groups don't attent, (congress and Muslim League)
7.1.3 Gandhi was in Prison

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