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Old Testament
1 The Fall
1.1 After Creation, Man is living in the garden of Eden, a paradise in the presence of God
1.1.1 Adam and Eve only had one rule, never eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Unfortunately, Man was tricked by Satan in the form of a snake into eating the forbidden fruit. God banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden, and lays curses on both of them. Man will have to work to get food, and woman will have a painful childbearing. God places an angel with a flaming sword at the edge of the garden to make sure they never return.
2 Noah
2.1 Man gets farther and farther from God, and they sin more and more.
2.1.1 God regrets ever creating humans, and so he plans to wipe them from the face of the earth. Noah finds favor in the eyes of the Lord, and so God tells him to build a huge ship so that his family might live. Pairs of animals from all over come and board Noah's ship so that God can preserve them as well God causes a flood that wipes all of his creation from the face of the earth, but Noah and his family survive. God shows them a rainbow as a sign that he will never destroy earth with a flood again. Noah's Descendants spread over the earth.
3 Abraham
3.1 Abram is called by God to leave his hometown and move. God promises to make him the father of many nations.
3.1.1 Abram and his nephew Lot split directions, and Abram chooses land far away from wickedness. God changes Abram's name to Abraham and promises him a son through Sarah. Issac is born to Sarah when both she and Abraham are extremely old. Sarah gets angry at Hagar (who she gave to Abraham as a concubine) and her son Ishmael, forcing Abraham to send them away. Ishmael will go on to father the Arab nations The story culminates with God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Issac. Abraham is about to kill his son, but God spares Issac and Abraham sacrifices a ram instead. This story points forward to Jesus, and how God would later sacrifice his own son.
4 Joseph
4.1 Joseph is the second to last son born to Israel, and he is the favorite child. His father gives him a multicolored coat to show his favor.
4.1.1 Joseph has 2 dreams that tell him that he will rule over his brothers, and he tells them about them. Because he is the favorite and because of his dreams, his brothers hate him and sell him into slavery. In Egypt, he is so sucsesful that his master makes him head of the entire household. Unfortunatly, the masters wife falsely accuses Joseph of raping her, and Joseph is sent to prison. In prison he interprets two dreams of his fellow inmates, and years later when the Pharaoh is also having dreams, the inmate remembers him and suggests him to interpret the dreams. He is able to tell Pharaoh what his dreams mean and is promoted to Pharaoh's right hand man. Pharaoh's dreams predict a coming famine, and so Joseph collects most of the grain in the land into huge storages. When the famine comes, there is plenty of food for everyone. Back in Canaan, there is also a famine, so Israel's sons head down to Egypt to get food. They re-unite with Joseph, and so the family is saved. Israel's family moves to Egypt for good and begin to multiply, living off the fat of the land.
5 Moses
5.1 A new Pharaoh enslaves all of Israel, and they are forced to do manual labor, but they still multipy.
5.1.1 Pharaoh decrees all the male children born to Israel, but one is put in the Nile, and is found by an Egyptian princess. He is named Moses and is raised in the royal family. When he is older, he sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite and kills the Egyptian. Once he learns that people found out he flees Egypt. Moses arrives in Midian, and marries a girl from there, becoming a sheppard in the wilderness. One day while he is working in the mountains, he sees a bush on fire but not being burned up. He comes close and hears the voice of God telling him To go save his people from Egypt. In Egypt, he is forced to preform 10 miracles in the form of plagues to convince Pharaoh to let his people leave bondage. Once the Israelites leave, Pharaoh changes his mind, and pursues Israel with the greatest army to exist at the time. With their backs to the Red Sea, Israel is terrified, but God saves them by splitting the sea in half, and the walk across on dry ground. The egyptian army tries to follow them, but the water crashes in on them and the entire army drowns. Israel travels to Mt. Sinai, where Moses goes up the mountain and receives the 10 commandments, and Israel makes a covenant with God at the base of the mountain. They travel towards the land promised to Abraham by God. Moses dies before he can enter the promised land, a punishment from God for disobeying Him.
6 Joshua & The Judges
6.1 Joshua succeds Moses as leader as the Israelites, and they enter the promised land, defeating the city of Jericho along the way
6.1.1 The Israelites purge the land of most of the current inhabitants, and the land is split up between the 12 tribes, who begin to settle and farm the land given to them by God. The next generation knows nothing of God and turn from his commandments and his ways. They break the ten commandment and worship other gods, beginning the age of the Judges And so a cycle begins. The people of Israel turn their bacs on God, so he gives them into the hands of their enemies. Israel realizes it's mistake, and plead to God to save them. God sends a judge to liberate them from their oppressors, and Israel worships God untill the Judge dies. Eventually Israel gets tired of this and they demand a King
7 David
7.1 The first king, Saul, sins against God so the prophet Samuel is sent looking for a new king. David, a young sheppard is chosen.
7.1.1 Still a sheppard, David is sent to the war to give food to his brothers. When he arrives he finds a massive soldier names Goliath taunting the entire army and God. David faces him in one on one combat and kills him. David enters the service of Saul, Saulwho begin to hate him for his success. Saul tries to kill David, but God delivers him. Saul hunts david for years. Saul is killed by another army, so David becomes King. He begins a huge military conquest against the surrounding nations. Despit being a man after God's own heart, David has some lust issues leading to his first child being killed. He has many children, who will grow up to argue over the throne. God refuses to let David build Him a temple. Later, David dies.
8 Exile
8.1 Down the line, because of over taxation, Israel splits into the northern and southern kingdoms.
8.1.1 The following kings of both nations lead the people farther and farther from God, specifically the northern kingdom. After warnings from many prophets, the most famous being Isaiah, God allows the northern kinddom to be taken over by Assyria, who take the entire nation into captivity. The norther kindom is dispersed, and because of their sin God allows the southern kindgdom to be carried off as well by Babylon. And so the entire nation of Israel was put into captivity for the first time since Moses.
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