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its too beautiful the plastids

maria  lopez linares
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lab report
1 by: Maria paula lopez linares
1.1 by: danna micelle jacome
2 objetive:
2.1 identify the structure and function different kinds of plastids
3 materials
3.1 tomato
3.1.1 potato carrot
3.1.2 pear
3.1.3 microscope tweezers
3.1.4 knife
4 procedures
4.1 tomato
4.1.1 1.prepare a microslide scrape a few cells off the ´meaty´ part of the tomato and smear it on 2.on to the slide and a small portion of the skin and smear it on the slide beside the meaty 2.1. add 1 dropof water then place the cover slip over the top 3.using the high power objetive, make a detailed drawing of the cells in the field of view 4.label the cell wall , cell membrane, nucleus,cytoplasm, chromoplast and any other part of the cell that is visible
4.2 potato
4.3 pear
4.4 carrot
5 questions¿?
5.1 answers
5.1.1 1.brown with a couple white 3..the cell of the meaty part are bigger than the cell of the skin 5.color grey and white and the responsable chromoplast 6. yes i see chromoplast in the potato cell because that doit the color 7. in the middle 4. in parts its not moving
5.1.2 1..chromoplast 2.ponigonal shape
6 conclusion
6.1 the chromoplast is the responsible of the color
6.2 leucoplasts do not have a major storage function and are present to provide a wide range of essential biosynthetic functions
6.3 The function of chloroplasts is to convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into food for the plant. Chloroplasts are energy organelles, and are present in all types of plants.

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