London Docklands

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Case study: The London Docklands
London Docklands
1 History
1.1 First Docks were built in 17th century
1.1.1 The India Company
1.1.2 There was a boom in the 1800's
1.2 Reached peack in 1930s
1.2.1 over 100,000 people were connected to the port of London through their jobs
1.2.2 Decline as World War II aproched
1.3 Later destroyed in WW2
2 1970 Onwards
2.1 During late 1970's and early 80's the docklands was derelict
2.2 In 1981 almost 60% of the land and building were considered derelict, vacant, under-used or unused
2.3 Server loss of jobs from 1978-1983
3.1 London Dockland Development Corporation
3.2 Founded in the Local Government Planning and Land Act of 1980
3.3 4 Primary goals
3.3.1 Make the lands and buildings useful again
3.3.2 Encourage new industry and commerce in the area
3.3.3 Ensure good housing and amenities for its residents
3.3.4 Create a pleasant enviroment
3.4 Focused on market-led development in order to be more flexible.
4 Transportation
4.1 The docklands Light Railway
4.1.1 Built in a monorail style
4.1.2 Can carry approximately 80,000 daily
4.2 An extension to the Jubilee line was proposed
4.2.1 However it took several years to be approved
4.2.2 Completed in 1998 and stopped in Canada Water, Canary Wharf
4.3 Easy to get to
5 Housing
5.1 New housing development sprang up all over
5.1.1 The new housing is popular with young professional bankers and lawyers and is also very expensive Close to the CBD
5.2 LDDC wants more people to move to the area
5.3 Many are now local landmarks due to their unique shape. e.g. Cascade apartment Block
5.4 Thousand of people moved into the area and in turn imporvoed the local ecopnomy
5.4.1 This payed back development

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