Phonetics and Phonology

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Phonetics and Phonology
1 Unit 1: Phonetics
1.1 the process involved in sound production
1.2 phonetics vs phonology-the specific terms found in them
1.3 Organs of speech-the parts of the local tract and their roles in speech
1.4 Phonetic symbols-understand the International phonetic alphabet
1.5 consonant
1.5.1 voicing- voiced and voiceless
1.5.2 places of articulation- place of contact where an obstruction occurs
1.5.3 manners of articulation-interaction of the speech organs
1.6 vowel
1.6.1 tongue position-depends on the sound
1.6.2 lenght-feature of sound that varies
1.6.3 Nasality-production of sound using the nose
1.6.4 diphthongs-combination of two sounds
1.6.5 rounding-lips during articulation
2 Unit 2: phonology
2.1 the functioning of sounds
2.2 phonemes- the unit of speech that can make one word different from another.
2.2.1 phones-phonetic symbols in brackets,, allophones-a single phoneme
2.2.2 minimal pairs-words that vary for only a single sound
2.2.3 features-example (billabial, voiceless)
2.3 the syllable-how a word is naturally divided when it is pronounced
2.3.1 clusters
2.3.2 constraints on syllable formation
2.3.3 Homorganic nasal rule
2.3.4 sonority rule
2.3.5 syllable perception
2.3.6 syllabic consonants
2.4 word stress-where the stresses are distributed on the syllables of a word
2.4.1 word and stress
2.4.2 effects of stress on words
2.4.3 stress and opositions
2.4.4 weak forms
2.4.5 compunds
2.5 intonation-melody of pitch changes in connected speech
2.5.1 what is intonation
2.5.2 pitch
2.5.3 the tone unit
2.5.4 intonation patterns
2.5.5 tone unit structure
2.5.6 functions of intonation
2.6 connected speech-spoken language that is used in continuous sequence
2.6.1 intra-syllabic level
2.6.2 intermorphemic level
2.6.3 between words
2.6.4 linking r
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