General Systems Theory

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mapa mental de descripcion de la teoria general de sistemas

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General Systems Theory
  1. the theory general of systems is a set of principles interdisciplinary that are interrelated and that seek them properties common to different entities and different discipline academics by be so generic it can apply in many fields
    1. HISTORY
      1. The General theory of systems, idea developed by L. Von Bertalanffy in 1930, was a theme new that caused impact in the scientific community
        1. in 1954 they formed the society for the Research of systems General together with Anatol Rapoport, Kenneth Boulding, Ralph Gerard and others.
            1. Vienna, 19 September 1901 - Buffalo (New York), June 12, 1972) was a biologist and Austrian philosopher, primarily known for his theory of systems entered the University of Innsbruck to study history of the art, philosophy and biology, finishing his PhD in 19264 with a thesis doctoral on Psychophysics and Gustav Fechner
          1. in 1955 the geberal theory is developed by Ross Ashby
              1. (London, 6 September 1903 – 15 November 1972) was an English psychiatrist and a pioneer in cybernetics, the study of complex systems His two books, Design for a Brain and An Introduction to Cybernetics, were landmark works. They introduced exact and logical thinking into the nascent discipline and were highly influential.
          2. TGS Facts
            1. Although the TGS emerged in the field of biology, soon saw their capacity to inspire development in different disciplines and appreciated its influence in the emergence of new ones. So he's gone constituting the broad field of the systemic or of them Sciences of them systems, with specialties as the Cyber, the theory of the information, the theory of games, the theory of the chaos or the theory of catastrophes. In some, like the last, has followed occupying a place prominent it biology.
              1. Most recent is the influence of the TGS in the social sciences. Highlights the intense influence of the German sociologist Niklas Luhmann, but it has failed to introduce solidly the thinking systemic in this area.
              2. CONSEPTS
                1. -system enviroment boundaty -imput -output -process -state -hierarchy -goal directedness - information
              3. why it is relevant GTS for us?
                  1. Information System System consisting of the netwok of all comunicatin channels used within a organization
                    1. Network Security System the objetive of network security includes protectin and property from theft, corruption or natural disaster while allowing the informatin and property to remain accesible and productive to its intended users.
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