La Haine: Major Aspects

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La Haine: Major Aspects
  1. Les Banlieues
    1. A suburban area outside large cities in France.
      1. 80% o the population of Paris live in the banlieues.
        1. They are well known for their poverty traps.
          1. A well know area for crime and unrest.
            1. Working class living areas.
            2. Imperialsim
              1. Usually in the form of an Empire.
                1. An unequal human and territorial relationship.
                  1. Based on the ideas of Superiority and practices of dominance.
                  2. Assimilation
                    1. It is when a persons language and culture change to resemble those of others.
                      1. It can happen to natives or to people of other origins.
                        1. It happens when new members of a society become indistinguishable from others in their society.
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